OMAG TOWER7 is a machining center that means no limits to any range of work.

TOWER combines all the solutions developed by OMAG throughout its extended experience in leading-edge technology machines, allowing TOWER maximum rigidity and “limitless”movement capability. Despite moving in a robot­like manner, features a torsional rigidity 50% higher than traditional anthropomorphic systems.

TOWER means no limits to any range of machining 1 it is designed and built so that it can be equipped and customised in order to perform any machining typical of small er or bigger workshops.

The available size range makes it possible for customers to make the best possible choice for their specific machining needs thus ensuring a perfectly targeted purchase. Nonetheless, the precision engineering also allows three­dimensional machining, low reliefs, inlays, kitchen tops, arches, capitals, sculptural columns.

For any potential need TOWER, thanks to a 54 HP electrospindle, also designed by OMAG, is able to use remarkable diameter (diam. 1.450) disks, highly suitable for any milling, roughing and shaping need. The 6 axis the machine moves on, combined with a seventh axis, being the rotation of the working plane, allow every surface of the workpiece to be machined with no limits to the undercut.

Main technical aspects of OMAG Tower machining center can be summarized as below:

  – Twister Digital Brushless motorisation

– Fully reliable technology for axis movement

– All functions are monitored and managed by numeric control

– All types of material can be machined

– Management and interpolated programming up to 7 axis

– Dedicated and customisable software packages

– Easy and intuitive programming mode

– Dedicated enc software architecture for machining up to 7 axis

– Automatic replacement system of the disc (0 1.100) and of individual machining tools

Main working axes, X-Y-Z, of Tower machining center are supported by linear guides and skids driven by ball screws, synchronized and motorized by servomotors. All encoders are coupled with motors. Motors are brushless type digital servo motors.

Longitudinal working X axis can be chosen to be from 4.000 mm up to 12.000 mm, whereas the Y axis which is frontal and backwards motion of spindle can be chosen to be from 2.000 mm up to 3.000 mm according to project. The vertical motion which is Z axis can be chosen to be from 2.500 mm up to 6.000 mm.

Maximum movement speed on linear axes X-Y-Z is 60 mt/ minute. This value is an indication of quality of linear guides and support technology of the machine.

7th Axis which gives the work table the possibility to work as a vertical lathe, can rotate between O -360° interpolated. With this speciality, the number of axes interpolated increases up to 7. The load capacity of work table can be chosen to be 25 and 35 tonnes.

Anthropomorphic machining capability that enables to work on any surface of a part is given to TOWER machining center thanks to three rotating axes 8-C-A. 8 and A axes can work between 0 -+/- 785~ C axis can work between O – -70° I + 785° interpolated. All these axes together with the linear axes X-Y-Z can work simultaneously. 6 Axes interpolation which is the ability to work on a surface where it is required to move 6 axes altogether is enabled

The spindle has a power 40 KW 54 Hp S1 type. It can use blades up to diameter 1.100 mm automatically from blade magazine. Blade with diameter 1.450 mm can be mounted manually. 400- 625 mm diameter blades can be used by connecting to IS050 tool cones. By utilizing IS050 tool cones, any type of milling and profile tool can be used easily. Spindle can cool the tool from inside and outside. There exists an industrial independent cooler for the spindle in order to keep working temperature constant. The spindle has high torque characteristics and S1 service type capability.

TOWER machining center can be equipped with automatic blade and tool magazine stations as option. The capacity of magazine stations is defined according to customer requirements.

Machine works with a custom OMAG CADCAM program. It manages profiled tools, tool holders and aggregates in order to provide a realistic representation of the CNC and to ensure more precision during the machining. Raw pieces can be defined according to Customer’s needs and 3-4-5-6 axis machining can be associated: roughing and surface finishing cycle, drilling, finishing, profiling, cycles. It allows machining and drilling paths optimization. It manages roughing optimization considering rough pieces obtained from previous machining. Simulation allows 3D collision detection between machining and pieces, sub piece and tools.

TOWER machining centers produced by OMAG SpA enable designs realized by organic modelling and projects in macro size to be worked from one complete stone block where ability to work anthropomorphic as well presents flexibility of robot with 5 axis machining center accuracy and power to the service of customer.