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Shaping, polishing, milling,

contouring machine

A machine designed for water jet processing of marble, stone, granite.

The Water Jet is the cold cutting solution for shaped pieces with more or less complex geometries up to quite relevant thicknesses. A pure water or mixed with abrasive jet can be used.

The X and Y axes are motorized with a brushless digital system with helical hardened pinions and racks. The linear ball guides guarantee further handling quality. The Z axis is equipped with a ball screw.

Water3 working area 3.400×1.800 mm or 4.000×2.000 mm
Water3 plate size 3500×1900 mm or 4.100 x 2.100 mm
Water3 z axis vertical stroke 200 mm
Water3 X axis stroke of the transversal disc 3.000 mm or 4.000 mm
Water3 Y axis longitudinal stroke 1,600 mm or 2,000 mm
Water5 working area 4.000×2.000 mm
Water5 loadable plate size 4.100×2.100 mm
Water5 z axis vertical stroke 200 mm
Water5 X axis stroke of the transversal disc 4.000 mm
Water5 Y axis longitudinal stroke 2.000 mm
Water5 axis inclination A 0 ° +/- 70°
Water5 C axis rotation 0 ° +/- 250°

Stainless steel tank

The tank that contains the water is separated from the supporting structure of the machine and is entirely in stainless steel with a reinforced bottom

Compensation system

Machines with 3D technology are equipped with a compensation system. Normally, when cutting in 2D or 3D without compensation system, the cut is tapered. With the compensation software in cutting angles up to 45 °, the cone effect is reduced and at the same time the cutting speed is increased

Cutting head

The cutting unit is mounted on the axis slide (Z) and is composed of a cutting kit that mixes water and abrasive. OMAG waterjet cutting heads guarantee maximum efficiency and convenience


Probe: allows to always maintain a fixed distance between the focuser and the plate to be cut even when the latter is not perfectly flat. Anti-collision: has the function of safeguarding the focuser from any pieces already cut that have risen above the plane of the plate, due to the backflow of water

1. Sandblaster

A primary tank transports, by means of compressed air (5 bar), the abrasive to the dispenser mounted on the Y carriage allowing a wide working autonomy

2. Tilting table

Photo camera. Software for reproducing digital images from physical plates. The camera can be placed on top of the cutting table. It’s possible
balance colors – optimize brightness and contrast – eliminate shadows – eliminate the background – crop portions of the image – convert the image according to grayscale – vectorize the image
KMT Streamline PRO with maximum pressure of 6200 bar
Cutting head calibration system
Sludge evacuation system
A vacuum pump ensures that the sludge suction is fast, economical with minimal maintenance

3. Abrasive dispenser

The consumption of abrasive is an important cost item in the management of a waterjet cutting system. By perfecting the control of all system parameters, you can optimize cutting results and save on consumables.

4. Hardware and software

Water5 is supplied with CAD / CAM software dedicated to water jet machines and is capable of interpolating up to 5 axes for the execution of inclined cuts on the slabs. The software allows a complete management of the machine with nesting and optimization of 3-axis cuts. It is suitable for programming simple inclined cuts such as veils 45 ° or to create complex, completely different profiles on the two sides of the sheet. The software allows you to freely assign the synchronism points between the upper and lower profile. It performs dynamic cuts to automatically and continuously compensate the taper of the water jet.

  • Water 5 a getto d’acqua
  • Water3 a getto d’acqua
  • lavorazione a getto d’acqua di marmo, pietra, granito