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Numerical control lathe

Columns, balustrades, vases, spheres, ovaloids, helical columns, Doric columns in marble, natural stone in general, granite, onyx, crystal, are some of the types of work and material that can be made with our 94te lathe.
Monobloc structure in electro-welded steel, treated with suitable high protection paints. The machine is equipped with a head unit
disc with two-speed or d.c. motor, of a spindle head and a tailstock, sized for each model based on
the actual weight of the work block. The disc and cutter carriage runs on recycled ball guides protected by PVC bellows, while the
motorization is with brushless digital technology. The moving elements of the machine are lubricated by means of a system
centralized automatic with oil.
The Q type machine for Column Forming only has a mobile bridge on the Y axis with the possibility of having different lengths on this axis.

Maximum diagonal passage – hype. L up to mm. 500
Maximum diagonal passage – hype. M up to mm. 700
Distance between centers Mod. Base from mm. 2000
Work piece length up to mm. 3000

“Z” AXIS transversal

Speed ​​mt./1° 2 (ID 94 TE), 5 (CN 94 TE)

Vertical “X” AXIS

Race mt./1° 250
Max speed mt./1° 3 (ID 94 TE), 5 (CN 94 TE)

“C” AXIS rotation of work block

Max speed rpm. 215 (ID 94 TE), 250 (CN 94 TE)


Morse taper type 4
Piston stroke mm. 120


Maximum disc diameter mm. 500
Shaft diameter mm. 50
Speed 1 rpm. 1470
Speed 2 rpm. 2930
Electric power Kw. 14


Machining of the machine

1. ID – The hydraulic version

The work piece is reproduced by means of an oleodynamic copying system with proportional feed valve on the
two working directions, axial and radial. This allows for uniform finishes and optimized tool consumption.
The pre-cutting phase, the control of the cooling system, the absorption of the motors are managed by a PLC programmable controller.

2. CN – The numerical control version

By means of an easy to use CNC programming system, the machine is able to interpolate linearly and circularly up to 5 axes. It can have a tilting disc 0 +/- 90 ° and rotating from 0 ° to 360 °, a cutter head unit for sculpting, shaping, polishing, engrave.

3. Optional

As an option it can have a workbench, a system for automatic tool change, therefore it is possible to create bathroom tops, kitchen tops, solid sinks, inlays, fireplaces, funerary, low-reliefs in general.

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