Digitale 5

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Milling machine

A cnc working center that in a small space allows to perform all the operations necessary for a small and medium-sized laboratory.

The machine has a monobloc structure, in steel, with hot galvanizing treatment; its positioning does not require building works.
All the axes of this milling machine run on linear guides with recirculating ball bearings, driven by a precision rack and pinion system for the X and Y axes, while for the Z axis with ball screw and pre-loaded nut.

The air-cooled motor has a 1⁄2 ”gas tool connection with internal passage of cooling water.
The working table, made of wood panels, has an electro-welded steel structure and a capacity of up to 900 kg; it can tilt up to 85 ° thanks to a double piston hydraulic system.

The front guards of the machine comply with the European regulations in force.
An automatic lubrication system is installed on all moving parts of the machine.
Digitale 5 is a milling machine capable of processing different materials: natural stone, quartz, ceramic, glass and plastic materials.

Controlled motion axes 5
Workbench 141” x 78,7” +19,6” / 3.600 x 2.000 + 500 mm
Tilting table function 85° – 3.520 lbs loading / 1.600 kg
Cutting thickness with Ø 24,6” (625 mm) disc 7’87” / 200 mm
Minimum cutting disc Ø 13,7” / 350 mm
Axis X – Transverse axis stroke 141” / 3.600 mm
Axis Y – Bridge axle stroke 104” / 2.650 mm
Axis Z – Vertical axis travel 15,7” / 400 mm
Axis C – Rotation in axis of the disk 0° + / – 200 °
Axis B – Disc inclination 0° + 90
Disc motor power and rotation (S6) 24,4 Hp / 5.000 Rpm
Water consumption 40 liters per minute / litri al minuto
Approximate weight 8.820 lbs / 4.000 kg
Overall dimensions 232” x 185” – h 111” / 5.900 x 4.700 – h 2.800 mm
Shipping volume on demand
Machining of the machine

1. Digital Camera

OMAG IMAGE is an integrated function in OMAG FASTCUT that photographs a slab of any material, using a digital camera

2. Productivity report

The machine monitors the performance of each single moving element and calculates the daily productivity by indicating time, square meters cut and the percentage of a slab used.

3. Command PC

15 ”touch screen control PC. The large screen size allows a comprehensive and detailed view of both the machine’s function keys and part geometry

4. Metal cabinet

All pneumatic and water components are housed and protected inside a cabinet with IP55 protection with air conditioner


With the planprobe the thickness of the slab is automatically memorized allowing a precise cut, especially for 45 ° cuts.


It is an instrument for measuring the diameter of the disc or the length of the tool

SAMR Automatic lifter

Optimizing cutting means minimizing material waste and therefore not having to intervene manually during the cutting phases


Linear and cross cuts | Simple and complex shaping | Kitchen tops complete with holes and inclined cuts | Shower plates

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