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A machine designed for working with disc of marble, stone, granite.

The technology, precision and reliability of a numerically controlled machine center make Blade 5 unique, efficient and highly reliable, a machine built for working with marble, stone and granite discs.
Blade 5 is a milling, shaping, polishing and contouring machine capable of working on different materials such as natural stone, quartz, ceramic, glass, plastics.

The high speed of the movement of the axes is ensured by a brushless motorization combined with ball screws, while the sliding on linear guides with ball bearing blocks, the protection of the moving parts with pvc bellows and an oil lubrication system centralized guarantee quality and precision over time.

The machine can be equipped with a diamond disc with a diameter of up to 1600 mm, tiltable up to 140 ° and rotatable up to 380 °. The working table has a fixed position: it is the disc that automatically positions itself with respect to the profiles and cuts to be made.
The numerical controls used are from the main world manufacturers, the software development (CAD / CAM) and the customization of the machine functions are carried out by an OMAG staff who also has the task of ensuring the training and pre and post sales assistance service.

Maximum size of the disc diameter 1.450 mm or 1.600 mm on demand
Motor power S6 56 KW 76Hp S1 40 Kw 54 HP
Tool attachment ISO50
Automatic disc change from ø 500 to ø 1.200 mm
Motor rotation with inverter 0÷8000 rpm version with attachment ISO50

Bi-rotary disc head for cross, circular and inclined cuts. Disk Ø 800÷1.600 mm

Ø 1.600 mm: Blade has been projected also to use blades of big sizes

Rotation di 400° (+/- 200°)

Tilting table to load and unload slabs

Tilt from da 0° a +/- 140°

Ability to import 2D files such as DXF, but also 3D files commonly used with other software such as 3dm, STL, SAT, IGES, STEP and more.

The software allows the creation of tools and discs, these latest by setting speed and parameters in detail, to be used in the best possible way in 3 and 5 axis machining strategies.

Possibility of processing a new raw piece by roughing the disc, using the residual material left by the disc, which will allow subsequent targeted roughing in areas not worked by the disc.
The software will automatically propose support surfaces to improve and accelerate calculations and machining movements.

  • Blade 5 Milling machine
  • Blade 5 Milling machine
  • Blade 5 Milling machine
  • Blade 5 Milling machine
  • Blade 5
  • Blade5 OMAG machine
  • Blade 5 Milling machine OMAG
  • Blade 5 Milling machine
  • OMAG Blade5
  • Blade 5 Milling machine